Smartdesk/SmartDoc Bundle

SmartIDX / SmartDesk Bundle:

The SmartIDX/SmartDesk bundle includes SmartIDX, an IDX solution that can be added to any website, and SmartDesk a full-featured customer relationship management (CRM) system to track and manage your contacts. SmartIDX automatically feeds listing data from Matrix to provide timely and accurate data to consumers giving them more reasons to visit your website. When a consumer registers an account there contact information goes into SmartDesk where you can view the listings and/or searches the contact has saved. SmartDesk provides you with the ability to make notes, schedule follow ups, send email blasts, enable drip email campaigns and store other key information for all of  your contacts. Unlimited amounts of contacts can be added either one by one or by importing your existing list of contacts. 



SmartDocs helps you eliminate stacks of paper by digitally managing documents with comprehensive tracking. Your files will be accessible anytime from anywhere and can be retrieved easily with a powerfull content search functionality. Piles of paper are a thing of the past, digitize, store and share your files in a safe and secure document storage environment.

Price: $149.00